Torres del Paine

Full day excursion to the Chilean National Park, visits to the Cuernos del Paine, Lake Nordenskjold, Lake Pehoe, Monte Paine Grande and Almirante Nieto.

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The tour of the hotels begins at 6 am, arriving after 2 hrs 20 min at the Cancha Carrera border crossing, where we will begin to tour southern Chile until we enter Torres del Paine National Park.

Once in the Paine, we will make various intermediate stops with descent (and some without descent thanks to the panoramic windows). We will stop at lakes, waterfalls, viewpoints, sighting of guanacos and foxes, among others.

Upon reaching the Paine Waterfall we will go down to have a picnic on the banks of the Rio Paine with views of Las Torres. Lunch is outdoors protected by vegetation. (We unfold tables and chairs for more comfort).

Once we start again, and after making stops at various viewpoints (Laguna de los Cisnes, Mirador Superior del Nordenskjold), we will arrive at Salto Grande, from where we will hike to the Cuernos del Paine viewpoint on the banks from Nordenskjold Lake, this hike is guided and lasts about 2 hours in total, of low difficulty.

After this walk, continue in the vehicle to a new viewpoint, this time near Lake Pehoe, from where you will have one of the most famous views of the National Park, with the Horns and the Valle del Francés in the background, framed by the Pehoe and Nordenskjold lakes, from there you can see Monte Paine Grande and Admiral Nieto. Then we will start the return and we will be arriving at El Calafate at approximately 9:00 pm.


November, December, January and February: from Monday to Saturday.
September, October, March and April: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Includes viands.
Duration 15 hours.


Estancia 25 de Mayo

In this excursion you will be able to know the history of our pioneers, in one of the first ranch of the area that is conserved for demonstrations of sheep herding, shearing and the delicious patagonian lamb barbecue.

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Morning Option:
It’s located behind the town. The pick-up begins at 9:30 am, when you arrive to the ranch, they give you a snack, then you walk around the ranch, visit the organic garden, and there is a sheep shearing demonstration to know a bit more about the jobs in patagonian’s farms. The lunch is included (patagonian-lamb´s goulash) salads, dessert and one drink (the extra drinks you have to pay them there in cash).

Afternoon Option:
It’s located behind the town. The pick-up begins at 5:30 pm, when you arrive to the ranch, they give you a snack, then you walk around the ranch, visit the organic garden, and there is a sheep shearing demonstration to know a bit more about the jobs in patagonian’s farms. The dinner is included (lamb, asado, chicken) salads, dessert and one drink (the extra drinks you have to pay them there in cash).


Estancia Nibepo Aike

Founded at the beginning of the century, located on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, within the Los Glaciares National Park.

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Passengers are searched for the hotels, upon arrival they are treated to a snack, the hull of the room is visited, where they can also choose to take an optional extra ride that is paid on site in cash. Then there is a demonstration of sheep shearing in the old shed. Lunch or dinner is included: grilled lamb, salads, dessert and one drink per person.
Option tomorrow: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.
Late option: 4:30 pm to 11:30 pm.
Difficulty: For the whole family!


Kayak Santa Cruz

In an environment of incredible natural beauty and geological wealth, Kayak Santa Cruz invites you to paddle and walk the inhospitable Patagonian steppe where the senses are sharpened and the sounds of silence are witnesses of the passage of time.

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The contrast of the ocher colors of the steppe with the turquoise water of glacial origin that fascinated and captivated explorers such as Darwin, Moreno and Moyano frame the journey.

Tour of the river:
Starts at: Abandoned Parador Luz Divina.
Ends at: Arroyo El Turbio (Route 40).
Kayak tour: 16km.
Trekking route: 5 km (2 hours approx).
Number of kayak guides: 2.
Technical difficulty: Beginner.
Physical Demand: Moderate.
Maximum group: 10 participants.

Includes: Double kayak and paddles.
Bilingual guides (Spanish - English).
Technical equipment: wetsuit and boots, semi-dry jacket, padcock cover, paddle mitts, life jacket, waterproof bag.
Touring snack: hot drink, alfajores or brownies, nuts.
Tourism activities insurance (personal accidents and civil liability).

Does not include: Lunch

Clothing Required: Long-sleeved and short T-shirt, leggings or a swimsuit to be used with the wetsuit.
Trekking shoes.
Comfortable clothes for trekking.
Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, backpack or bag.
Spare underwear (optional).


Cabalgata Patagonica

A unique experience that allows them to become a rider, through the most amazing landscapes of Argentine Patagonia. A true adventure without age limit, it only remains to cheer up.

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We leave from the city of El Calafate, bound for "sovereign point" where the tour begins, located on the opposite side of the city. Punta soberana has plateaus, plains and mountains that will provide you with a panoramic landscape of the city of El Calafate, Lake Argentino and the surrounding hills

Duration 2 hours or 4 hours.
Works all year round (subject to weather conditions)
Includes snack and transfer In / Out.
Does not include: warm clothing.


Balcones Calafate

Tour in pickups 4x4, quadricicles or 4x4 trucks on the hill 'Huyliche', panoramic views and sight of fossil remains. For all ages.

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The pick-up is in 4x4 vehicles, passengers go on a mountain located 15 km behind the city of El Calafate where the ascent to the Huyliche hill is realized, where you can emphasize panoramic views and sight of fossil remains. It does not require physical condition, ideal for any member of the family.

The tour starts from the hotels to complete a journey of approximately 35 kilometers on the line of hills behind the village.

We arrived at a height of 1050 mts. Above sea level, the first stop is in a natural viewpoint where passengers will enjoy a panoramic view of El Calafate, the central body of Argentinian Lake and the Andes Mountain Range, if tha day is clear, people will also see the Fitz Roy in El Chaltén.

Continuing our ascent reaching the Labyrinth of Stones (rock formations 85 million years old). From there passengers will begin the descent of the mountain.

There are 2 options: the descent can be by airlift if weather conditions allow or, by vehicle on the north side of the hill and arriving at the Hat Stone, curious iron concretions that are only in 4 places around the world.

Departures: 9:00 am, 2:30 pm. and 6:00 pm.

Duration 3 hours.

It works all year, varying versions and schedules.

Includes transfer in / out, guided service and snack.

Suitable for all ages.


Nativo Experience

Nativo Experience is a half day excursion in 4x4 by the coast of the Argentine lake. Ideal for the day of arrival or departure, has an anthropological approach, making a journey through time about the passage of man in these lands.

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First stop: on the shores of the lake, interpretation of flora and landscape, explanation on glaciology and geology

Second stop: beautiful cliffs, panoramic view of the lake and the Andes.

Third stop: archaeological zone, rock art, lunch or dinner in a cave, return to El Calafate.

Entry: homemade soup.
Main: lamb casserole with vegetables
(optional vegetarians: rice wok with vegetables)
Dessert: chocolate mousse with almond praline.
Wine, water and Patagonian hot springs

Daily departures at 11:00 am and 6:00 pm hours duration 3hs.


Safari Experience

Ideal for photography lovers, on a tour inside a nature reserve with sightings of fossils, local flora and fauna.

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Pick-up of passengers begins at hotels with 4x4 vehicles. One kilometer is traveled along Provincial Route No. 15, until entering the Estancia Huyliche. After going through your helmet, you enter the "Estancia 25 de Mayo" Nature Reserve.

The first stop will be at an old stone post, an explanation will be presented about the rooms, the first settlers and the beginnings of El Calafate.

The tour continues until you reach La Sección, a true ranch located in the Patagonian immensity. Here the second stop is made, to start with the sighting of native fauna at Cerro 25 de Mayo. The third stop is made in front of the exuberant fauna: the group approaches the herds of guanacos on foot.

After traveling a few more 4kms by vehicle, the fossilized oyster deposit is accessed. The fourth stop will be to admire a wall made up of a reef from other fossils 23 million years ago. Continue until you reach the Cerro Centinela Viewpoint (fifth stop), then return to the post where lunch or dinner will be provided.

Duration 4 hours.
Includes transfer In / Out, lunch or snack.
It works from October - March.
Suitable for all audiences.


Bosque Petrificado

It is a full day excursion in the steppe area, to all people who enjoy outdoor activities and adventure, willing to discover new places.

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It is made in the Estancia Santa Teresita, located between the towns of El Calafate and El Chaltén, and consists of a walk of approximately 3 hours on the banks of what thousands of years ago was a river, and where you can appreciate fossil remains of the animals that populated the place, as well as its vegetation, almost intact as it was after the unimaginable climatic event that ravaged the place. This excursion is only available from October to March for climatic reasons.

Departure 9:00 am. Return 5:00pm.

Duration 8 hours.

Suitable for all public.

Includes In / Out transfers, guide service, food and entrance to the Nature Reserve.

Does not include equipment or warm clothing.


Cerro Frias

It is an eco-adventure park, located 23 km from the city, within this area you can choose from 4 activities such as horseback riding, trekking, zip-lining or its 4x4 version.

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Zip line:

Ascending by 4x4 until 560 mts above sea level. In the first platform we start to descend the zig-zag circuit of different cables, doing more than 2000 mts of journey.

4 x 4 (off road vehicules):

The circuit starts ascending the mount until 1030 mts above sea level, to reaches natural balconies with views of Lago Argentino and Andes range.

Horseback riding:

Beginning the journey across the Vega (spring water), for then to go up the south hillside of Frías Hill, with views to the valley of the Centinela´s river and Torres del Paine (Chile). Height max: 600 mts.


Beginning the hike across the steppe and forest until 600 mts above sea level, with views to the Andes range and Torres del Paine (Chile). The walking is two hours long.

Includes transfer In / Out, options with or without lunch, guided service.

Duration 3 hours.

Suitable for all ages.

Does not include equipment.

Operates from October - March.

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