El Chaltén


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Bus to the small tourist village located inside the Glaciers National Park, El Chaltén is National Capital of Trekking in Argentina and the second place in the world to go free.

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El Chaltén is a town located about 220 km away El Calafate city, which is visited by passengers from all over the world. It has a great variety of natural attractions such as crystalline lagoons, forests and glaciers.

To get to the panoramic points of view, you must take different paths which are very well marked with signs that indicate the route, making of El Chaltén an ideal Self-Guided place for passengers who enjoy hiking and trekking among beautiful trees and pure nature.

The park has a great variety of trails for all types of people and ages, ranging from 0:45hs to 7:00hs.

Our bus service has daily departures from the Bus Terminal, in 3 schedules during high season (September - April) at 8:00 am - 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm and 2 schedules in Low Season (May - August) 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, the trip takes 3 hours to arrive at the bus terminal in El Chaltén, we previously made an intermediate stop in National Park Tourist Information, where passengers will receive a map and necessary information to walk into the park without the need for a guided tour or service.

It doesn´t include activities within the national park, food and equipment.



If you are looking to rest, a good bath and tranquility, our hostel is your best option. Shared rooms with private bathroom, triple and double private rooms.

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It has mixed shared rooms of 4 and 6 beds with a private bathroom. Each guest has private lockers to store their belongings. The bathroom is multifunctional, being divided into 3 sectors, toilet and bidet, shower and hand basin, so that 3 people can use it at the same time without problems. Other services: 24-hour hot water, central heating, bedding, maid and laundry service, smoke-free environment, Internet and Wi-Fi in all areas including rooms, 42 "LCD with DVD, reading area with a library with a variety of books, a fully equipped kitchen and a barbecue area in the park to enjoy it outdoors and a play room located on the main avenue of El Chaltén, 200 meters from the start of the National Park trails In addition to the most complete trail information with maps and brochures.

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