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Bus Lago Roca

Excellent camping site inside the National Park, in the free area, it has self-guided trails for the enjoyment of the passenger as well as an incomparable panoramic view of the Lake and the Glacier Moreno.

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We offer you a shuttle service to Camping Lago Roca, where you can take advantage of a day, or spend the night in a free camping area or paying in private facilities with light, water and sanitary services.

Our departure times are at 8:30 am with return from the campsite at 6:30 pm.

Includes transfer by bus round trip.

Travel time 1:15 min

Suitable for all ages.


City Tour

Tour to the most iconic points of our city, where you will visit the first buildings of the city, lagoons, museums, and a visit to the rock paintings located about 7 km from the city.

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After the pick up for the hotels looking for passengers, you go to Punta Walichu to visit the archaeological site where you can observe eaves with cave paintings that date back approximately 10.000 years ago. Returning to the town, you will go through the oldest areas to know about a part of our history, and how our town was transformed into the tourist place that today is our main source of income. You also visit the Coastal Walk of Round Bay, where you can appreciate the birds that populate our surroundings, and finally visit the Center for Historical Interpretation.

Departures at 9:00 am and at 3:00 pm Duration 3 hours.

Children: 0 to 3 years without charge, 04 to 12 years 50% of the adult's rate.

It includes tickets to the Historical Interpretation Center and Punta Walichu.


Laguna Nimez

Declared Natural Reserve of Cultural and Educational Interest, we offer interpretive trails, along with viewpoints, bird observatories and access to the Argentine lake.

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Covering a total of 3km, this lagoon houses more than 35 species of birds from all over the world every year. The tour is self-guided, it can be accessed by paying an entrance, which can be used to enter for the second time. In addition your visit contributes to the conservation and to the environmental education the hours of attention are of the 9:00 am Until 18:00 pm.



It is a modern center dedicated to the dissemination of the Patagonian Ice and its glaciers, one of the few glaciological interpretation centers in the world.

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Glaciarium emerges as a space for entertainment, recreation, development of cultural activities. Support and disseminate research and scientific work to help improve the knowledge of glaciers and Patagonia. Promote interest and knowledge of glaciers and glaciology. To divulge the wonders of the region of the Patagonian Ice and its history, to encourage the care of the environment.

Designed as a field that promotes knowledge and exalts the senses, try with noble aesthetic and narrative resources, emotionally envelop the visitor. For this, a living space was designed, full of visual and sound stimuli, interactive and entertaining that contributes to the knowledge of the world of glaciers and enriches every visit to Patagonia.

Following the present techniques of exhibition used by the museums and centers of interpretation of the world the contents are expressed in several ways: scenic effects, lighting, multimedia programs and audiovisual presentations. Ice, glaciers, its formation and the dynamics of its fascinating phenomena inspired architecture, design and encouraged the creative development of the texts, scripts, illustrations, and images that are exhibited in Glaciarium.


Historical Interpretation Center

A museum that invites you to discover the true history of Patagonia, from the dinosaurs to the genocide of the original Indians.

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A mixture of paleontology, archeology, anthropology, history and geology awaits you at Av. Brown and Bonarelli, open from 10:00 am At 8:00 pm.

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